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KeLLz – WW Ranch 2022


WW Ranch 2022
I Started on this close to a year ago and since then it has seen lots of changes. Finally have it to where I’m some what happy with how it rides and looks to release it. Hopefully everyone enjoys it as much as everyone who has tested it. Can not thank everyone enough for the time put into testing this.



40 Rider Gate and Pits
Mx Track 2022 Layout
FMX Ramps

Special Thanks

  • RedRider197 for Starting Gates, Water Truck, Dunlop Tire, Semi Truck, and EZ-Ups
  • Kewin Feula for Assets
  • Giopanda for assets
  • TFC for all of the tutorials
  • FatMuppet for his track banners
  • PiBoSo for the game
  • Endo for his texture pack, assets, and answering my questions and feedback
  • EarthWurx for answering questions and all the great info everyone in there provides
  • Navo for Vans
  • Cody James for Tree Help
  • TheFluffyGecko for FMX Ramps
  • AGITATO for all AMA Assets
  • Jesse Mulock for answering all of my questions
  • brxghtside for the screenshots


Also a Special Thanks to Twitch Goons Racing, EX Crew, Mixt, and Everyone else that tested and gave great feedback



Mod Instructions

Extract Track into MXB Tracks Folder from .RAR you downloaded either(LOW/HIGH Res)


Made for Beta 18. Compatible with other Betas.

High Quality
High Res
Low Quality
Low Res
High Quality
High Res
Low Quality
Low Res
Server Version
Dedicated Server Version

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