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KI Tracks


Update: Never new Google Drive limits downloads til now, thats a good thing I suppose! I added a MEGA link.

Hey all! Welcome to KI Tracks, a semi-replica of a classic midwestern track which sadly closed its doors in 2018. This compound features a main track, 2 sand tracks, a pitbike track, “pp track”, circle rut, figure 8 rut, and a trail loop that tours the entire facility! The only raceable track is the main track with 24 gates, but 40 pits to have each track populated in the same server. This is more than likely my last track release, and it’s been a ton of fun making tracks for you guys and seeing people enjoy my tracks. It makes me so happy to see people recognize my growth in track building. I can’t wait to rip it up with you guys, thanks for letting me share my creative outlet with you all.

Keep a look out for easter eggs, they’re everywhere!!!

There are so many people that I credit with helping me out with this track. If I forget anyone, I apologize, you know who you are!

Cody James – A1 moral support/cat memes

ENDO – Instant GOAT

Red – Massive asset help

iNsane – Undumbing my peanut brain

Jesse Mulock – Turning off dragonball to look at my track progress

ParaMoto910 – Parking his trailer on my property

Pixistix69 – Being the best wheelie boiiiiiiiiiii

Spuds30 – Holding my hand while I cry in blender

AmbieOfficial – Being my shoulder to cry on when I use blender

Resolute Kraken – Filling my peanut brain with many knowledge

Logan – The world’s favorite discord monarch

MoukLab – Helping make my track less broken than his english

dblu.752 – testing the track without a study guide

KewinFeula – Showing me the hustle to incorporate in the bustle

Higgo383 – Making sure I’m having a G’day mate

Hurren – giving me a crazy high bar that I won’t hit with my tracks, but I try anyway

JV – literally the same thing as Bret

Steeler Visuals – Putting together an insane release edit

Lynds – Giving my tracks a platform to reach a bigger audience, and all the kind words

Pibs – for being pibs


Made for Beta 18. Compatible with other Betas.

Server Version

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