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Konata Izumi rider model


What is up my fellow MX Bikers, the current selection for player models was looking a bit lackluster so I thought I would spice it up a bit, more to come (good mix of serious/non-serious models)

you can download the mod and the source files in the link below. I made the model and textures myself so I hereby grant you permission to do whatever you want with them really (CC4), just dont steal credit.

The folder konata_izumi is the one you add to modsridersriders, other folders self explanitory.

Q: How do I add paints so I can add the Monster Energy logo to her skirt?
A: I didn’t actually spend any time setting that up, .PNT files might work if you set up the directory and use my template but more than likely you will just have to modify the texture in the template.fbm folder and re-export with FBXtoEDF and should work.

I dont think this model works in multiplayer.

also the only gear this model works with are boots, if you wanna use a helmet/custom goggles you gotta make your own to fit around the head.

(like 90% sure this is allowed on here, anyway please dont ban the account just take down the post I have actual stuff I want to upload here later, thanks.)



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Download mod + source here

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