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Krise – local cz track

Extremely fun track. Would recommend a 125 but hey, roll with your gut, not over berms. Happy trails compadre’s!

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Mod Instructions

Listen carefully to what I say, it is very important you get this right... Miss time it even a little and your computer may explode! Now what you want to do is, open your File Explorer or what have you... Good, no locate your Documents folder under this PC... Once you are there you will see our man of the ever, Piboso. Open the Piboso folder, and congratulations, you've spotted your objective. Now open you MX Bikes folder then your mods folder, and then stop! If you've made it this far into the tutorial you're clearly struggling... So at the top left of your File Explorer, there should be a big ol' thumbtack that says, "Pin to quick access." I want you to go ahead and do that so the first 3/4 of this tutorial become obsolete. Now open your track folder and extract the Krise file into the motocross folder, but between you and me you can just put it where ever if you wanted to... And then load up MX Bikes and I'll see you in about 2-3 hours

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Můžu poprosit o nějaký kontakt na tebe?(discord,fb.ig)


Great Track mate !!! Feel like my hometown track in france !!! really good job !!!


Krása 🙂


Můžu poprosit o kontakt na tebe.(discord)

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Jasně Míšad#8167


zdar taky jsem si te pridal schanim nekoho na jezdeni slo by? 😀 🙂


Great first track! Well done 🙂


One of my favorite tracks so far. Looks like something real and not too difficult.