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KTM Rival Ink Rythm (Flo/Orange) INCLUDES PSD


Here is the Rival Ink Rythm graphics kit. The original design is the yellow flo variant but I made an orange version for those who might prefer it.

As usual, I also included the PSD  for both versions because I luv seeing u guys use my stuff.

Thanks to Cody James and Oneshot for the awesome KTM PSD



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Cheers you absolute champion!

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yo how were you able to edit under the brake cable part (top of the number plate) and make it so straight? I need help with it because ive been struggling with it for a while lol

Cody James

You may have either the old PSD or old Model, make sure you are up to date on the oems that came out a while ago. And use my PSD.

Cody James

Nice job 🙂


Any chance you make custom bikes man? Want my irl bike in the game


Sweet just sent one