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KTM Throwback Bundle


KTM Throwback Bundle – Bud Light MC KTM, Hot Wheels MC KTM, Langston 2001-03ish RedBull KTM


Wanted to do these 3 for some time, by no means are they exacts or trying to be shot for shot remakes. More just wanted something retro with new flare that got the general vibe.

Big thanks to Cooksey for his work, relied heavily on his RedBull kit (you can still see touches of it cause his work is just too clean) …also for the FMF files as well.

***Pictured the bikes have the OEM exhaust & handguard models***

without the OEM models it’s just an FMF skin on the stock system


  • Bud Light KTM: #2 & pub
  • Hot Wheels KTM: #2 & pub
  • ’01-’03ish RedBull KTM: #111 & pub
  • All the Files

Bud Light KTM

Hot Wheels KTM

Retro RedBull KTM

Hope you enjoy!


Mod dependencies

This mod by giopanda is needed:

[release v1.0] Dunlop Geomax MX33 + Excel Signature rims


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