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KXF 250 2022 Pro Circuit Monster Energy Kawasaki


I wanted to spend some time on the engine parts on this one because PC bikes are usually TRICK with the blue lower forks etc. – but the engine PSD isn’t released yet so may update it in the future. As trick as I could make it for now.

Included 2022 KXF250 Pro Circuit Factory Kawasaki replica.

Drop a comment below with ideas for new skins.

Big props to GioPanda, Insane and all the guys who work on the models and PSDs. The work everyone puts into these is insane.

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Suuuuper sick kit, thank you!… Question though… why dont my wheels look like the one in the picture? Mine look like they have white on them with like brown packaging tape in one spot.


its because they are custom wheels that you download


do you know what download package the ones in the picture are ? Thanks.


I’m having the same issue, if someone could link them that would be awesome! Sick kit though!


Nice work, but please use an ingame/3d viewer screenshot for the post thumbnail next time 😉


sick bike ollymx keep up that great work…


been waiting for one like this for so long. thanks