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Leatt Factory Pack – JP Designs


Hello everyone, this one took a while lmao. Should’ve been done a few days ago, but got real busy. Here now tho for you all to enjoy.

This one is obviously some Leatt gear. Its from the 2023 Leatt 5.5 Ultraweld collection, and includes 2 TBS KTM kits from EMX250, based heavily on Camden McLellan (Check out his YouTube). The other ones are based on the FH Racing Kawasaki MX2 team. So definitely building up a number of kits from MXGP series now, hope you guys are enjoying that, something different from the Redbull KTMs and Star Yamahas we see so much.

Thankyou to everyone for the support and help when I need it, super awesome, keeps me wanting to improve. Thankyou to iNsane for 3D viewer, makes these thumbnails easy to make.

If you guys like the stuff I post and wanna see the lot of it, check out my Discord, JP Designs. Has all my 2023 gear on there and a few other things that I’ve made. If you want custom kits made, message me privately on Discord. Any and all nice comments, constructive criticisms, and donations are all massively appreciated, rlly keeps me motivated so u guys can keep getting these gear uploads.

Thx guys, enjoy.

JP Designs Discord server – https://discord.gg/3kDVUJxG5Q

My Discord – https://discord.gg/3kDVUJxG5Q


Leatt Factory Pack - JPD

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