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Leatt GPX Race HF 2.0


Hello enduro fans! Today I release a skin pack for the hydration pack that I’ve released a few days ago:  the Leatt GPX Race HF 2.0.

In real life, this pack only has 2 colorways: red and orange. But I’ve decided to make some more, so everyone can use their favorite color! You’ll find: red, orange, fluo, green, blue, cyan, pink, brown, gray.

I’m really happy with all the details that I’ve put in this pack, I hope you’ll enjoy it! I even textured the back, which is useless because we can’t see it ingame, unless we go inside the rider model.

As always, more pictures below. Have fun!

Big thanks to insana for the textures he made, it helped me a lot 😀

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Cody James

this is so sexy and hot and hot