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Lincoln Valley Compound


Hello Friends,

This is my very first track so there may be some flaws however I did have a lot of fun making this and learnt a lot of things about track building that I can put into my next projects, while creating this compound I didn’t really have a plan in mind, kind of just starting building things slowly day by day that I felt was fun to ride around on, the left side of the map when u spawn is meant to be less serious and kind of meant to be more unique and a challenge but also be fun at the same time, where as the right side is suppose to be more of a serious side with 2 mx tracks to pick from, however only 1 can actually race (maybe one day I will do a update on the other track so it can race if people enjoy it) anyways I hope everyone enjoys the compound, and shoutout to all these people below.


Resolute Kraken – Resolute Builder

Agitato – Objects

GioPanda – Objects

Red Rider – Objects

TFC – Tutorials

Cody & Kellz – Tree Assets

Ryzun1 – Beta Tester

Asher217 – Beta Tester

KarsenFTW – Beta Tester


Made for Beta 18.

Lincoln Valley Compound
Server Version
Lincoln Valley Compound - Server Version

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