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Linköping (replica)


Here is my first track release for MX Bikes. It’s a replica of my home track in Linköping, Sweden. My goal for this project was to make the track as close to reality as possible and have the same look and feel I would get on an open practice night in the summer.


I would describe the track as quite hard/technical but very fun and satisfying once you get the flow going. If you like to go wide open at all times and rail berms dragging the bars in the ground this is not a track for you. 


For those who are running on a slower PC, I’d strongly recommend that you turn down screen resolution and perhaps also turn off 3D grass.


Big thanks to:


Resolute Kraken – track builder tool and tutorials. 

TFC – tutorials and answering my questions in forum/discord. 

Niko Mouk – tutorials and being super responsive in the discord. 

Ruubs – answering questions in the discord.

Insane – answering questions in the discord. 

Giopanda – for a few of the objects from his objects pack. 

Hellmachine – beta testing and cooking up an epic release video. 


A Lot of hard work went into this track to make it beautiful and optimized enough to be raceable for most people. 


I hope you enjoy it.


 If you like my work, please consider making a donation.



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<3 thank you, been waiting on this since I saw the preview


bro yesss been waiting on this one can’t wait to try it for myself!


as a felow swed I can say this track is the closest you will get to a real track

- -

Jävlar vad najs,ska te linköping i helgen:)


Deserves 6 stars


this is absolutely mind blowing. amazing work x1000


One of the best tracks ! Congratulations for this great work ! 
Amazing, a pleasure to ride on.
Thank you very much.


5.5/5 one of the best looking tracks out there. Heightmap and the ruts just feel so good it’s unbelievable satisfying to rail them.
Awesome work JV, already stoked for more stuff! ♥


Any chance you could upload this track to media fire or mega because for some reason I cant download this through the google drive.

looks like a fun track tho


Great job. Track is killer


Thanks man. The track is killer!


Great work on this one. Everything looks incredible


kan du göra någon annan svensk bana? typ vissefjärda eller typ ripa skulle vart kul. skit bra bana!


Riktigt grym bana, svårt o hitta någon bana som är mer lik den riktiga än denna. 🙂


This is a really good and detailed track! This is one of my favorite tracks now lol. It would be cool if you made a version of the track where it is all smooth and you can make you own ruts and lines. But I love this track!


This track is absolutely beautiful, and really does feel like an early evening ride! One question though, is there no deformation? I really want to see how this track changes over time, but it doesn’t seem there is any deformation happening. This thing rides very well though, I love it.


Yayyy! So what you’re saying is…. more laps? 😀 Will get to it now! This track is an absolute JOY to ride. Thank you SO much for your work, I seriously can’t emphasize how much the little things add to the whole experience. The buildings are super nice, the grass, everything! I see your name on any future content, and it’s an immediate download for me. Can’t wait to see if you put out another track down the road!


I agree with you. This track is beautiful, and I think you can get a deformation booster thing so the track will deform faster.



bra bana rolig men svår i början 🙂 gör mer svenska banor


Very good track 🙂


The Track looks really nice! 🙂


Hey man, this is an awsome track and i get why u want to set the vibe like it is. But is there a chance that u can make a version with standart lights. Because for me at some points at the track it gets realy dark and hard to see something. But still awsome work


I have the same problem.


Had to do an account just to post what i said on FB, because you deserve to know!

“WTFFFFF IS THIS!!!!! one of the best tracks I ever played on mxbikes!
Definitely the most stunning and realistic by a large margin! Don’t know if the creator is in here but congrats!!! What a track!
PS: long live MXBikes, keep them coming!!!”

Cody James

SOOO insane!! Especially if this is your first track!!
Has the feel of a track made by an expert
Keep it up!!


You know what I’m going to say, this track is excellent! Super realistic, technical, I love it!!


every time i get on the track there is no textures its pure black


What a beautiful map, One of the best I have ever tasted.


how much would it cost for someone to make me a track?


Sjukt jävla bra jobbat har kört linköping många ggr irl o snacka om spot on! Förstår att det e mycket jobb med hade verkligen varit fett o så nån mer Östergötland bana, typ Finspång eller kolmården!


Hej jag tänkte fråga om du kunde bygga min hemma bana här i småland hade älskat att se den på kartan för andra förare <3


whats the update?


Skit bra!

Kallej / Svumpus

Jävligt najs flow 😀


Track is amazingly high quality, but harder than the real one. Because some areas are wider and smoother (especially highest jump on one hill, an obstacle) in real track. I tried it on a 250 bike though. Also, I would like to see it in broad daylight time, noon maybe


Ok then, if you say so. I will try to get used to it =)


the sunset make me satisfye


Why cant i dl it?