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Linköping (replica)


Here is my first track release for MX Bikes. It’s a replica of my home track in Linköping, Sweden. My goal for this project was to make the track as close to reality as possible and have the same look and feel I would get on an open practice night in the summer.


I would describe the track as quite hard/technical but very fun and satisfying once you get the flow going. If you like to go wide open at all times and rail berms dragging the bars in the ground this is not a track for you. 


For those who are running on a slower PC, I’d strongly recommend that you turn down screen resolution and perhaps also turn off 3D grass.


Big thanks to:


Resolute Kraken – track builder tool and tutorials. 

TFC – tutorials and answering my questions in forum/discord. 

Niko Mouk – tutorials and being super responsive in the discord. 

Ruubs – answering questions in the discord.

Insane – answering questions in the discord. 

Giopanda – for a few of the objects from his objects pack. 

Hellmachine – beta testing and cooking up an epic release video. 


A Lot of hard work went into this track to make it beautiful and optimized enough to be raceable for most people. 


I hope you enjoy it.


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