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LMS Pitboards


LMS Pitboards includes 9 new pitboard shapes with a template PSD and a tool for positioning boards and converting their positions into the games native 16:9 screen measurements. This includes the text positioning, meaning you can easily move and scale the text to fit different shape boards. Installation is fairly straight forward, but requires renaming several files and is a multiple directory install if you want both HUD and Trackside to work. Detailed instructions are included in the ReadME.txt within the zip. While I put a decent amount of work into this project, I take no credit for the shape or design of any board included. Although I took the liberty of making changes to some designs, the core of them are from real life couterparts and are purely for demonstration purposes as you design your own to suit you.

Mod Instructions

ReadME.txt is included in the zip, it details everything needed to install and use the tool included. Please read it before jumping in.


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