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Lockdown short


Welcome to Lockdown short. Last weekend was Raceday for the amateur´s.
For this special event the laps got cut down for laptimes around 1:50.

After the Raceday the Trackcrew tryed to reshape the whole track. Incase of the high fuel prices in Germany they couldn´t work at the whole track, so there are some really rutted and bumpy sections. If you want to help the trackcrew for future tracks you can donate some fuel money https://paypal.me/MXBcommercials?country.x=DE&locale.x=de_DE


More projects are in process…

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drag & drop the whole pkz file you don´t need to unpack anything. Dont install the Serverversion!

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797 Lockdown short

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Track has a lot of potential. Some of the more technical sections just don’t work with the game and kills the flow.


I loved the first one, I cant wait to try those new ruts! beautiful work 😀


this track is so fun


Awesome dude. really pumped for some more tracks. u guys should make a compound.

great track but can you do the same without rut

I try but is to big for my computer