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Low Poly Bike Model Swap (OEM v0.16.0)


This is a low poly bike model swap I did last year for some peeps but never finished it.

Since AESX was about to start I finished the pack last week and shared it in the Discords while MXB-Mods was down for maintenance.

This pack should help lower-end PCs and give back some frames you might loose because of rendered bikes.

I don’t guarantee that it works for everyone because atleast for Enduro we had game crashes, but I am pretty convinced that this pack works perfectly fine in online lobbies.

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Mod Instructions

There's a readme in the ZIP but I don't remember its content anymore but I think it was something like this:
Open the ZIP and select the bikes you want to model swap and move them into your mods/bikes/ folder. I made model swaps for each bike and respected their manufacturer colours so you know who's taking you out on the track.

Support insane!

Any support is greatly appreciated! ♥

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roblox bike ahaha ly <3


Great lego bike hahaha


MC Bikes (Minecraft Bikes)


Had one of these when I was little lol

Josh Lamusse

pls can have psd, am noob and want flame on scoot to go broom broom fast

Josh Lamusse

ly xd <3