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Low Signal Decals Motul GasGas 6-Pack


Motul “Privateer” MC250F

USPS “Tribute” MC250F

Motul “Black Out” MC250F

Motul “Highlighter” MC250F

Motul “White Out” MC250F

Motul “Yellow Highlighter” MC250F


This skin was made by Low Signal Decals team. We’re a small group of friends with a passion for graphic designs. All skins will work on any GasGas bike and some may even be more appropriate for a MC450F; however, all skins in the RAR file have been set to show up on the MC250F. Included in the download is six skins: 

  1. Motul “Privateer”
  2. Motul “Black Out”
  3. Motul “White Out”
  4. Motul “Highlighter”
  5. Motul “Yellow Highlighter”
  6. USPS “Tribute”


Damien, philiaN, Asdrael, iNsane, and Michail for the GasGas template

Colorse for the screenshots

LogoDB uploaders


Mod Instructions

Drag the "mods" folder included in the RAR file into your "Documents\PiBoSo\MX Bikes" folder.


GasGas MC250F 6-Pack

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