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This is my first track release for MX Bikes, originally inspired by a track I found here. I wanted to start with something small, and liked the idea of this track being a ‘hybrid’ between MX and SX. It’s a fun beginner track, slightly intermediate. Hope you enjoy and go fast! ✌️😎

Thanks goes to the following people for their assets and help:

  • Punkerjeffy for tips and testing.
  • RedRider for tips and water trucks.
  • Ryan for garage.
  • Agitato for the spongebobs.
  • Giopanda for the track timer, scissor lift, tent, and fences.
  • Niko Mouk for the gates.

Hopefully I didn’t forget anyone 🙂



by Totes MickGOATs


Total downloads: 3081

Made for Beta 18.

Server Version
Server - Google - Lumberjack.pkz
Server Version
Server - Mega - Lumberjack.pkz

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