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Malvern MX


Hey guys, I’ve been slowly working on this for the better part of a few months. Malvern is your typical local Ohio motocross track with a little bit of elevation, some fast sections, as well as some tight off-camber sections. It’s been home to numerous Loretta’s qualifiers and has been a staple of the Ohio mx scene for years. The layout is mostly from the 2022 season, with the 2021 connecting straight back on to the finish (I just preferred it). The finish line triple is quite large and easily doable on a 450; however, on a 250f you’ll need to pretty much grease the corner before to get it.

A big thanks to those who have provided assets for the community to use: Ruubs (trees), TFC (water truck), Phantomz and Fred MX (skid steers), and Gio Panda (banners, Acerbis stakes, tents), Ryan Cardno (garages), Cody James (stands), Noxo (tents), RK (track builder), Red (semi), as well as Jeff Holub who provided the GoPro I heavliy relied on to build and shape the track. I doubt Jeff plays MXB and will ever see this, but if he does, thanks! The GoPro can be found below if anyone is interested in what the real-life track looks like:


Made for Beta 18.

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