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Mammoth Motocross


**New Link – Oct 20/2020**

– Onedrive link, Mediafire is inconsistent at best!AvGJJ8Ui2eWGsF3Yxq1svpqroDZ0?e=8mDODb


**Link Updated – Oct 12/2020**

– Improved texturing; fixed masking issues, assets textures, 3Dgrasses
– Modified heightmap; modified some corners, added more to the mountain trails
– Improved material layers; should lend to smoother deformation, better for races with multiple riders

—– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —–

Well guys, I’m back. With another track. The legendary Mammoth Motocross! This track sits way up in the mountains of California at 8000′ elevation. I spent a lot of time developing the soil layers to really develop lines and roughness as you run more and more laps, so don’t let it’s smooth surface fool you, it will cut in. After feedback from my last replica, I left clear weather fairly normal but used the cloudy weather option to try a vintage film style ambiance so make sure to check out all 3 weather options!

Big thanks to Resolute Kraken for help all along the way with tips and tricks for all the programs, and his badass track helper (which I used to make this track from start to finish), as well as for sharing his Erzberg trees. Gio, TFC, Ruben, Mouk for their assets, tutorials, and everyone else’s help through the discord.

Can’t forget my buddies for helping test and give feedback through the whole process!

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