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Manchester Country Club – Reflex Retirement Homes


Us Reflex players are getting up there in age so we are gonna need a place to retire soon, and I created a housing development for us all to live and ride bikes every day. In the middle of all the houses is a recreation of Manchester 1 from Reflex. The last time I made a SX track it was considered by the public to be more of a “Localcross” track, so I took that term very literally and made the most “local” track I could. People do this all the time with golf courses so this should also work IRL if any real world contractors/builders are here seeing this.


Supercross – Manchester 1 layout

Trail System – There are trails surrounding the houses, this place is arguably more trail than track, lots to find out there

Road – Asphalt surface, easy to wheelie, looks cool doing wheelies in a suburban setting

BIG jumps – Over some of the houses, behind the houses, out of the lake and into one of the houses, lots of FMX opportunities

Night mode – Cloudy and Rainy weather has a Night Skydome, keep those neighbors up at night

Easter Eggs – find them before they hatch



CalumDesigns : jump and berm template

Resolute Kraken : Track builder

RedRider : Water object and general advice

Cody + Kellz : Trees

Agitato : Finish line model

Reflex creation team : Revolutionizing motocross games



Total downloads: 4880

Made for Beta 18.

Server version

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