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Hey guys it’s me again, posting someone else’s mod that’s popular because I can’t make anything myself. Anyway that’s besides the point. The mod I’m posting is called MaxHUD. It’s a really useful mod that can do a lot of things. It shows lap times, shows your fuel, track map, among other things. I put this mod on just because some people don’t check the forums and I thought it would make it easier for people to find this mod.

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Mod Instructions
This is a link to a youtube video by TKO Smokey on how to install MaxHUD.



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i followed smokeys tutorial perfectly but when i press caps lock nothing comes up. what do i do???




I had the Problem too, if you have the keyboard Rocat ISKU you need to press the key T1 and Caps lock.


yeah the caps ock key isnt working for me, does anyone know how to fix this, I did put the data and mxbikes 64 files in to plugins, but its not showing up. thanks!!


ive been seeing alot of people having the problem of it not working in game and i had the same problem but i fixed it i found that the old versions of the mod dont work only the newest version the current newest version is 2.2.4 hope this helps


so for the people that are having issues with the caps lock issue this worked for me but not sure if it will work for everyone : )
You will need to install all of these but on one it will ask if your want to try “Bing Bar” make sure to check NO


Hey Man can you update this so everyone can use this again


He is not the creator I don’t think here is the mx bike form for it though


doesnt work

Gucci Mik

its not updated


The creator of MaxHUD is working on an updated version for beta 17. It will probably be another couple days until there is an updated version.


for some reason my speedometer is like shadowed and idk how to fix it, ive deleted and retried and everything but the shadow stays there


Because i play with keyboard and i use caps lock to ride.How can i change the keybing to another ; For example F5 or anything else.?????


Tips on getting an xbox one controller Joy pad? I want it to be the actual controller.