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MC Trebitz


Next Track is now finished!
I first had ideas of remaking all my old tracks (Wipfelgucker needs it the most), but that will take some more time…
Planned for the next projects are the MSV-Kühns Höh e.V. (Tautenhain) and a Enduro Track to expand my skills.
But now to Trebitz:
The RL Track is in Trebitz, Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany
Its a very technical, slim and challenging track.
The crew of EUC Racing already had the chance to test it and give feedback, thanks for that to them!
The Assets are all from Giopanda, but im not really shure if I will stay with them :
This and my other tracks can be also downloaded directly on my website (new content is there also earlier available)

Remember that the Track Derection can be confusing. You wont be the first doing the track backwards (neither virtual nor analogue).
Yeah my uncle did it irl until my dad told him the right way 😉

So long for now, enjoy some pics in this post, then the track and then the summer weather!
I will grab some holiday and will be back with new content for you guys at earliest two weeks!

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password pls




thats the password


If this is your first track, dont let the bad rating get to you. Just keep making tracks and get better. The burms and jumps need work


track mismatch on dedi servers


jumps feel like they are just ramps and have no lip to them, good work still bro, keep at it as potential here fo sho!


ich finde deine tracks die du immer machst extrem geil und ich schätze es sehr wie viel arbeit du da rein steckst…
ich bedanke mich jetzt schonmal das du mein Hometrack machst ( Kühns Höh) vielen vielen dank!!