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Heard about Pepiti?

Mclaren Mercedes F1 2007


Since Hamilton vs Alonso is back on the menu this season I figured it’s the perfect time to make this paint. I made it for a 2 stroke because the v8 F1 era that this livery comes from had a higher pitch motor like the 2 strokes.


  • added 250/300 2-stroke versions. The 250 paints work on the 300.

I hope you enjoy.


LOGN341 for the wheels and easy to use PSD to customize them. –

Insane, Frankie37, GreenLenux, and Cody_James for the bike and the psd with hella layers that are very easy to use and navigate. Thank you all for your amazing work.

Thank you to the OEM team for the Bikes and the Mod team for keeping the site running.


Mod dependencies

This mod by Logn341 is needed:

P2sta Wheel import


Total downloads: 211

125cc Paints - 1, 2, and Public version included
250/300cc Paints - 1, 2, and Public version included
125cc Mediafire link
250/300cc Mediafire link

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