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MEGA PACK Part 3 || Rider & Bikes paints, Boots, Gloves, Helmet Update[B15]


UPADATE 01/24/2021

In this update, there is all the new content that has been published since 24/12/2020 on website mxb-mods.

This is part 3 of the pack,
Every month on the 24th, I will publish the following part with all the mods that will have been published on mxb-mods.

In this pack, there are 3.90gb of mods but I’ve compressed the file so that it’s smaller to download.

Please take care of yourself.

Here Part 1 & Part 2 :

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Mod Instructions

Just Copy/past in Mx Bikes mods folder

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Cody James

Thanks man!


Hey first appreciate all your work on building this and Thank you all moders, wondering if you or others have experienced longer game startup times? I ask because as soon as I added all the modes game takes like 2 min to launch “syncing” online seems to be longer as well.


Great Thanks for responding, I have been looking for this info all over web and discord, and I am on SSD and I noticed disk is used heavily used on startup. wish there was a way to load all this automatically in server. like 1 central cloud service hosting everything then we could only download sync what we currently are using and everyone on server is using (like 1 GB istead of 30) 🙂 I guess its time to upgrade to NVME drive.
thanks again man (need to play more) see ya around


do u have to download all the parts?


do u have to download all the parts?


when is pack 4 dropping?


Hey cane you send me the link of the honda whit the small fender frome the picture. P.S. my english is not the best