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Metal Mulisha Y2K 2015 YZ125/250 FMX Graphics Kit


Hey guys!

I felt like reliving my childhood dreams from the early 2000’s to own a hectic FMX bike, so I present to you all the Market MX Metal Mulisha Y2K Graphics Kit for the 2015(2017) YZ125 and YZ250

A lof of you probably weren’t around for this era of MX, but it was F***ING WILD!

Hope you all enjoy, if you do, it would be great if you could rate my submission and follow me on twitch.

If you’d like to see how I make these graphics or if you need some tips for making your own, I stream on twitch at


Cheers, BigJuice / MarketMX

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Mod Instructions

Drag and drop the Paint files in the download into your OEM Paint Folders for the YZ125 and YZ250.

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MarketMX Metal Mulisha YZ

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ver cool 10/10


so sick man


hell yeah


10/10 but could you make this for the yz450 and 250 4 stroke