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Midwest Extreme MX


I’m back after slowly working on this project. Welcome to Midwest Extreme MX park. A built out motocross, freeride, SX and Straight Rhythm map. Granted I have never down a supercross or straight rhythm section before so go easy on me lads. But this will also be my last track created on L3DT as i’m fully moving over to Leveller to bring you guys much better quality to these local tracks. But enjoy the map and as always. Have fun and Stay Cool.

Special thanks to everyone all the Testers who rode through the many different versions of the tracks, all the lads in Earthwurx (you know who you all are)

Many many objects from Muppet, Giopanda, Redrider, K. Fuela, Kellz, THEFLUFFYGECKO, Agitato, TFC, and Endo


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Made for Beta 17.

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Love You Navo




so dope luv this track in irl


There she is, in all her glory


Glad to finally see it released! Great job on the finished product