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MMX Sand


It’s time for another track! Learned alot since Fernley, and finally got some drive to make a new track. Rode here July 4 (first ride in a year jeez) and took some pictures, basically made the track from memory.
It is another sand track (clearly), from Marysville, California. tried to emulate an early spring sunrise with the lighting, hope you enjoy!
As always, all feedback is welcome and desired.

Thanks to TFC and Mouk for the tutorials. Mouk Gio and Ruubs for objects/assets. Everyone in the discord that helped my barrage of questions. And big thanks to Kraken for helping me test and catch glaring issues, as well as everyone I sent beta links out to for their feedback. None of this would be possible without the work everyone has put into this game.

*Updated checkpoints, lap times should all count now

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