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molie fmx track



everyone, here is my first MAP type FMX (with the help of DOLU) for MX BIKES.

You’ll find the dolu crawls.

The park is top with an MX1 and MX2 but take faster with the latter.
Tell me what you think about discord.
Good ride to you

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It sucks that the FMX jumps are all glitched and just make you do half a front flip. Is that a MX Bikes thing or is that apart of the map?


I can't throw good whips off the ramps no matter what I try. I can hit them fine and land them easy, but when I try to lay it over it just… won't. I just get mad boner-airs. Don't think it's any fault of the map itself, just the way the physics engine handles ramps. The dirt ramps on the map are good though, can get plenty sideways off those. Maybe I'm just not as good at whips as I thought I was.


what track do i put it in