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Monaco F1 – Supermoto


The streets of Monaco have hosted Grand Prix racing for almost 100 years. I don’t believe there has ever been a motorcycle race around here, but I feel like the layout really lends itself to a good supermoto track.

I scaled the width/length to suit the supermoto gear range but left the vertical scaling to be as close to real life as possible using google earth elevations. I used the old chicane for better racing.

The buildings have been replaced with a rocky cliff area with trees with heavy inspiration from The Cliffs of Dover but more of a marble surface to represent the incredible wealth of the real life Monaco.

Big thank you to the following:

  • Resolute Kraken – track builder program
  • Red Rider –  Water and overall advice
  • Cody+Kellz – Trees
  • Hxrlz, Goate, and Buzz for testing and support
  • Everyone in the MXBikes track building channel in the discord for help
  • Smokesta, IBSKELSO, BSA75, and everyone running the MX BIKES Mods discord for hosting the track link on their discord and allowing for the releases of new tracks while the site was being repaired.
  • Insane and the rest of the site team for all that you do to organize all the mods in one place. Thank you for getting the site back up so quickly.


Total downloads: 249

Made for Beta 18.


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