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Moto Land – Private Training Facility


What’s up everyone!

After what I was planning on being my first paid track release, I thought about it some more and decided that what I have here is not a shop quality track. I feel like it would be a slap in the face to the better track creators, and the community altogether. I could have spent more time on it, but after 350 hours I kind of got burnt out after I realized I wasn’t 100% satisfied with it. I’m still happy with the compound, dont get me wrong! I personally feel it could have been even better.

With that being said,

Welcome to Moto Land! You’re very own private training compound that features 3 tracks, with 4 different layouts.

There is a “Pro Track” which is a more narrow layout, with the main focus on being more precise on what your doing

The “Amatuer Track” is a little bit wider, has some more forgiving jumps, and I feel suits newer players a little better.

The supercross track will have 2 layouts;

“Orange Dirt” is considered your normal SX layout, though the rhythms are slightly tamed down and not as steep.

“Grey Dirt” section is considered the “Pro” section, bigger scaled jumps, more line options, and tougher whoop section.

I only have race data for the Pro Track. I am trying to finish up the other 3 layouts but ended up losing my rdf data by overwriting it by accident and atm I wont have time to finish it all due to the holidays.

I wanted to have a complete polished track but instead of not releasing today, I will at least give u this for the time being.

Track was tested with both OEM and E10

I hope u all enjoy!

This wouldn’t be possible without the following;

EarthWurx – help & advice with all my annoying questions
Resolute Kraken – track builder helper & tutorials
Red Rider – 90% of the objects on this track are his <3 & help with my questions & testing
ParaMoto – van object
Jesse Mulock – truck object & testing
Ryan Cardno – Warehouse object
Dylan Frisch – fence object
Studio Frisch – epic logo & thumbnail
Benny Visuals – Release edit & testing
All the youtube guys; Lynda, Doc, Scizy, Kelso, Stratos, Smoksta for the positive encouragement and feedback & testing
Ruubs & RaceKar – texture norms (was given permission from both to use)

I will try my best to get the other 3 tracks race data as soon as possible! I’m sorry for the inconvenience. And as soon as Niko gets back from vacation I will have a server version!

If u would like to donate, It’s ABSOLUTELY not necessary, but is GREATLY appreciated!

Mod Instructions

Drag and drop Moto Land.pkz into your track folder. No underscores


Total downloads: 6017

Made for Beta 18. Compatible with other Betas.

mediafire (Pro Layout)

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