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MotoFactory Compound


Welcome at the MotoFactory Compound, the home of MotoFactory.

The Compound includes a huge Motocross track (2750m long),  Supercross, Freeride, Freestyle, a Forest trail area and a turn track under the trees.
Tip –> Add Wind at your weather settings for waving Flags!

Big thanks to MotoFactory, because they hit Janes and me up to build the track for them. So it was a payed project.
If you want your own track, hit me up.

Big thanks goes to Janes46 as well, he build the SX track and mades the overall masks, texturing and the skydome.
I build the MX track, the freeride, the turn trail, the forest trail and the whole the natural environment.
Most Objects like trees, bushes, the bridge, flagpoles and the banners are build by my own.

We started building the compound in oktober last year. Because of the beta 17 update nothing flowed anymore an i had to improve with different soils. The SX track is since beta 17 really challenging on a 250 but you can hit all big lines as well.




Thanks to:

– Motopatrol Films for the epic Trailer, texturing the Teamtruck and the banners
– INSANE for beeing always a good lexicon and this page.
– Ruubs, for helping me getting flags waving if you add wind
– Resolute Kraken for his Track Builder Helper, which makes life much easier
– Niko Mouk for the truck model and giopanda for some assets


Total downloads: 31907

Made for Beta 17.

MEGA Download
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Dedi Server Version
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