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Mount Nebo MX


****UPDATED** Start Gates should now be facing the correct direction. Checkpoint before the finish gate should give less cuts**

This is my first creation so all feedback is welcome! Good or bad! It would not have been possible without all the tutorials and help that I received from the discord channel so thank you guys! Hopefully more to come soon enjoy!

Thank you to:
ROSSHELL-For the awesome asset pack!
REDRIDER197- For the semi model!
KELLZ & CODY- For all the awesome tree models!
RYAN CARDNO- For the garage pack!
AGITATO- For the banners, gates, and awesome tutorial for object placement1
TFC- For the track builder tutorials that got me started and water truck model!
Gio Panda- For track assets!
TTV_matataplays-For streaming laps of the track since release!
Everyone in the discord that helped me along the way!

Please let me know what you think and give any feedback you might have for improvement!


Total downloads: 474

Made for Beta 18. Compatible with other Betas.

Mount Nebo MX(Client-Updated)
Mount Nebo MX(Server)
Mount Nebo MX(Client-Oldversion)

Changelog 1

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