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MX Bikes Masters Round 1: MSC Pflueckuff


Just back again dudes!

This is my newest creation/ rework: build for the MX Bikes Masters Race Series (German Int. Race Series)

This is Number 1 of 8 German Tracks for it.

If you need any information about the trek, just go to my old post:

Who gives a sheesh about this: (orga discord)

Had some time pressure so redownload for the racers who already got the race-version is required!
(mymxb server will get the update soon too)

Password for you creeps who cant read: njeAviOwekhbHqkT62ogazQasBaSVIf7F3TNalUeUqw


Here some sweet pics with 15 laps in by 1.0 erode


Total downloads: 74

Made for Beta 18.

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