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MX Bikes OEM Sound Mod Pack v1.3 [v0.14.3 OEM bike pack ready]


MX Bikes OEM Sound Mod Pack v1.3 [v0.14.3 OEM bike pack new folder structure ready]

I have preinstalled some sound mods, here’s the list:

MX1OEM_2016_Yamaha_YZ450F > YZ450F_v4.0_[YZ250F_v18.1_Converted]
MX1OEM_2020_Honda_CRF450R > CRF450R_v1.1
MX1OEM_2020_Husky_FC350 > FC350_v1.3
MX1OEM_2020_Husky_FC450 > FC450_v2.0_[FC250_v2.2_Converted]
MX1OEM_2020_Kawasaki_KX450F > KX450F_v2.2_[KX250F_v1.3_Converted]
MX1OEM_2020_KTM_350_SXF > 4st350cc_v5.0_[YZ250F_v18.1_Converted]
MX1OEM_2020_KTM_450_SXF > FC450_v2.0_[FC250_v2.2_Converted]
MX1OEM_2020_Suzuki_RM-Z450 > RM-Z450_v3.0_[RM-Z250_v1.4_Converted]
MX1OEM_2020_TM_MX450Fi >  YZ450F_v4.0_[YZ250F_v18.1_Converted]
MX2OEM_2016_Yamaha_YZ250F > YZ250F_v18.1
MX2OEM_2020_Honda_CRF250R > CRF250R_v4.2
MX2OEM_2020_Husky_FC250 > FC250_v2.2
MX2OEM_2020_Kawasaki_KX250F > KX250F_v1.3
MX2OEM_2020_KTM_250_SXF > KX250F_v1.3
MX2OEM_2020_Suzuki_RM-Z250 > RM-Z250_v1.4
MX2OEM_2020_TM_MX250Fi > YZ250F_v18.1
No 2 strokes have been preinstalled because im working on new better ones


Download Link below:!ADaSIiiTYQmLp8Ma


If you don’t copy the bikes folder over to your mods folder, make sure you’ve moved ALL folders within the bikes folder including the SoundMods folder (that’s where all the sound files are stored)

Below is a video on how to install the sound mods, thanks to GDUBMX for making it



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