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Mx Olsztyn


MX Olsztyn

This is my first public/released track I was making in small steps for around half a year. This map contains a 4k heightmap so you should try riding it with high erode to see what the ruts look and feel like. The heightmap was originally taken from Google Earth 3d scan of the city but I reworked and remastered it to be ideal for the game and I’m really happy with how it turned out. The texture is also from the 3d scan, it is in 8k along with the normal map with the same impressive resolution. You can see that the track visuals is based on the 3d grass but it comes with a pretty huge performance cost so if you experience big fps drops I suggest you to turn off 3d grass at a cost of the track visual quality!


Big thanks to my friend OmitDolomit who helped me with the ideas and photos of the track <3

Also thanks to Cody James and Kellz for the trees.


Hope you enjoy this track! Here are some photos.   ⇓ ⇓ ⇓

Track Info

Track ID: MX Olsztyn


Total downloads: 8478

Made for Beta 18. Compatible with other Betas.

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