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MX Tautenhain


This track was suggested by Appelt173

Its a Replica Track and the RL Track is in Tautenhain, Thuringia, Germany.
I tried to insert the first time ruts, so they arent the very best.
Some of the Assets are selfmade, like the street
some of them are the typical from GioPanda out of his Assets thread from the forum.

I got you a warning for riding on the track: the yellow sign “Gas raus” means to slow down, just do it.
All jumps got tested and work properly.

As the next release, I planned a enduro track. If anything changes you can read my “Newsletter” page.

My life is doing a change so i dont know when the next time I can upload

so long for now, have fun in bikes and life


some preview pics:

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Made for Beta 17.


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vielen dank nochmal für den geilen track!!

Pvt. Parts

Nice Track!

Last edited 1 month ago by Pvt. Parts

this has to be one of the best track replicas in mx bikes


Oi endlich mal ne Strecke aus meiner Nähe!
Sehr gut gelungen, nur finde sie etwas zu Groß und die Table/Kurven sind in echt auch steiler und kürzer gehalten trotzdem fabelhaft auf einer bekannten Track zu rasieren, werde selbst meine Hometrack einmal versuchen (MSC Dirty Sports ev.) :3