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MX Winners – Southwick- JPD


Jesus christ, finally MX Winners from Southwick. A lot of you probably weren’t aware, but my laptop that I was previously using died on me on Tuesday last week and I couldn’t get a new one until Sunday night. That’s why there hasn’t been any WSX or MXGP Winners as of yet either, but those are coming.

Racing at Southwick was awesome, stoked on Tom’s win, hopefully he can keep this going. Rough for Hunter, good for Haiden, great for Jett who is now 12-0. I am more and more convinved he can go 22-0 with every race that goes by.

New laptop is way better. Previous was a 2018 HP Pavilion, not even a gaming laptop. New one is an Asus TUF F15, runs the game rlly well, has no issues with load times on any apps or anything, just overall way better quality of life stuff, clean, refreshing. Only things I lost were my PSD for the MXB Mods thumbnails, which I still kinda have coz they’re on the MXB Mods server, so I was able to make a new PSD to replicate the old one exactly. The biggest hit is the folder with all my hundreds of logo PNGs I had amassed over a 2 year period. The only one I didn’t lose was my logo coz it was on Discord lmao.

Anyways, hopefully you guys enjoy this pack, gear is cool and we should be functioning normally from here on out. If you like what I make and want more info, u can join my Discord, JP Designs. I am not allowed to post the invite here, but if you would like to join plz feel free to msg me on Discord. My inbox is open. You can also msg if you need custom gear or helmets. Any and all nice comments, constructive criticisms, and donations are massively appreciated.

Thx guys, cya

My Discord: petch195

(Formerly Petch195#7666)


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MX Winners - Southwick - JPD

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