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MX Winners – Unadilla – JPD


Well, he did it! So far undefeated, 18-0 for the 450 Pro MX championship in his rookie season.

I have included a public, #18, and a #1 version of Jett’s gear, and just the normal public and #96 versions for Hunter’s gear. These kits are both from the Astars MX24 lineup, and are some of the coolest this year for sure.

Bummer for Deegan, and I have seen a lot of people crying abt it or on the complete opposite end of the spectrum who are hating on him. I just wanna say I think he’s been amazing this season, he earned wins and deserves 2nd in this championship at the end. However, I also think Brian Deegan even said on the broadcast, it happened to Hunter as well, so it’s not like this is now a big points lead just because Haiden’s bike blew up, it would’ve been bigger if Hunter had never DNF’d. There’s so much give and take, but at the end of the day, Hunter has been the best, and Haiden has proven he can already fight for championships. I expect him to hold a number one plate next year.

Hope you guys enjoy, these kits are super sick. If you like what I upload, check out my Discord, JP Designs, where I post updates on all my projects. I’m not allowed to post the invite here, but if you’d like to join, plz just msg me on Discord, my inbox is open. You can also msg me if you would like some custom kits and stuff. Any and all nice comments, constructive criticisms, and donations are much appreciated.

Thx guys, cya

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MX Winners - Unadilla - JPD

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