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MXGP of The Netherlands 2021 Oss


MXGP of The Netherlands 2021 Oss replica. The track is 1:1 and tried to replicate as close as possible to the real thing. It also features a live camera set closely replicated to the real angles.


This track is pretty hard. I don’t recommend it to newer players or people who don’t like a challenge. My hope is that intermediate and pro players will have fun on it. It’s very fun once you get in a good rhythm with lots of different options around the whole track.


No fences has collision since this seemed to be a lot of people got stuck on MXGP of Russia.


The track comes with a standard HQ version, MQ version, LQ version and Ultra LQ version.

  • HQ – The original.
  • MQ – The original but deleted some “fluff” such as crowd, tearoffs, semi trailers, cars, tents, toitois, etc.
  • LQ – All unnecessary objects to gameplay deleted, LQ object textures. Deleted SHAD prefix on objects.
  • Ultra LQ – Same as LQ but most objects do not have any textures/shaders. Deleted SHAD prefix on objects.


The track also comes with a Re-shade preset if you want to try.


Thanks to:

Ruubs for beta testing and help in general.

Resolute Kraken for track builder tool and some objects.

Giopanda – ToiToi’s and live timer.


Alot of hard work and hours went into this, I hope you enjoy it.


 If you like my work, please consider making a donation.




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