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MXGP Winners 2024 – Germany – JPD


MXGP of Germany was dramatic as ever with unfortunate injury to Pauls Jonass, and also saw the debut of Gavin Towers in EMX250, Prado making up points on Gajser, who was underwhelming, and Herlings making his way back into more consistent contention. Was also awesome to see Guada up near the front a few times as well.

This pack includes replicas of Lucas Coenen and Jorge Prado’s kits from the GP, as well as public versions of each. The Fox LE SCANZ kit is sick af so I hope you guys enjoy that one!

If you like what I upload consider checking out my Discord, JP Designs, where I upload more regular updates on all my projects. I am not allowed to post the link here, but if you’d like to join please just message me on Discord, my inbox is open. You can also message me if you need anything custom made, but please keep in mind I am currently very busy with exam times for end of the semester so I am barely able to keep up with the winner’s packs, and there is long wait times for orders.

Thankyou for all the support everyone, enjoy the kits!


My Discord: petch195


Total downloads: 439

MXGP Winners 2024 - Germany - JPD

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