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MXGP Winners – Anrhem – JPD


Hey guys, sorry this MXGP Winners is late, had to make the Just1 kit coz its another new one (Despite looking just as boring as Romain’s other ones lmao)

MXGP of Arnhem was pretty cool to watch, good racing, crashes, surprises, etc.


In MX2 Geerts was good straight away so it can now be said he returns from injury very well, Coenen has so much speed over the rest of the field in sand its silly, Everts with a second GP win of the year after expecting to MAYBE make the podium at the start, Adamo doing decent in sand and maintaining good points.

In MXGP, Romain won, Seewer crashed in front of a camera in first moto, Prado wins a moto every weekend and plays it smart. Thats all I remember from 1st moto coz I didnt watch the second lmao.

Anyways, at least Romain had new gear and the KTM MX2 guys always look great in their Astars stuff, so can’t complain too much. Hope you guys enjoy!

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Thx guys, cya


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MXGP Winners - Anrhem - JPD

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