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MXGP Winners – Matterley Basin – JPD


Well, thats a wrap on the 2023 MXGP Series! And here is the final Winners pack from that.

It was a pretty cool season, not as good as ’21, but better than ’22 for sure. Hopefully next year we get all the big names back, and there’s a lot of movement in the paddock, so it should be an interesting year, looking forward to it, and hopefully life will allow me to continue doing this again. I would just like to thank those who support and enjoy this content that I put out, its been a long year, and I’ve released a lot of kits for everyone. It makes me happy to see people using them every now and again, posting pictures, all that good stuff. So thankyou everyone!

Just out of curiosity, I have found the number of unique kits which I have posted across MX Winners, SMX, MXGP, SX, and WSX so far. It’s approximately 120, but I realised while counting that its hard to keep track of duplicates lmao. Definitely well over 100 when you count different logo sets on kits as different kits (For example a Honda and a Yamaha version of the same kit), which I do, because they take just as much time as each other and aren’t interchangeable when using them.

I will most likely make a few of the nations kits as well, but can’t promise I’ll make a winners pack for that unless Australia wins it lmao. Its a lot of work to make those custom kits sometimes haha, especially France, they’re the favourites for sure this year, and their jerseys are always difficult lmao.

In terms of this pack though, unfortunately we’re not ending the Winners packs with a bang haha, the MX2 kit is same as last week with Geerts, and although Gajser is one of my favourite riders, I gotta say Fox missed the mark on this kit, by far one of the worst of their ’24 lineup lol, too plain imo, but hopefully someone enjoys it, coz it could definitely be worse.

Anyways, if you guys enjoy what I put out on MXB Mods, check out my Discord, JP Designs, where I post updates on all my projects. I am not allowed to post the invite link here, but if you’d like to join, just msg me on Discord, my inbox is open. You can also msg me if you need something custom made.

Any and all nice comments, constructive criticisms, and donations are massively appreciated.

Thx guys, cya


My Discord: petch195


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MXGP Winners - Matterley Basin - JPD

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