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MXGP Winners – Sumbawa – JPD


Hey guys, here’s the MXGP Winners from the first Indonesian round, Sumbawa.

Racing was amazing, Romain Febvre killed it all weekend and took his first win since Lommel 2021 and seems to be ready to grab a hold of second in the MXGP championship now in the absence of Jeffrey Herlings. Lucas Coenen got his first MX2 win in absolute dominant fashion, was definitely the best guy. This has been coming for the last month, should’ve happened in Germany to be honest. I am impressed and excited with what Lucas is doing in his rookie season, I would love to see what he does next year in MX2.

MX2 title fight is looking exciting with 58 points between the top 5, all of whom have had their ups and downs and whom I can see taking a crack at the title.

I hope you guys enjoy these kits, something a bit different with the Just1 gear. If you like what I upload, check out my Discord, JP Designs, where I post updates on all my projects. Working on some cool stuff at the moment. I’m not allowed to post the invite here, but if you want to join please just msg me on Discord, my inbox is open. You can also message me if you want some custom kits and stuff. Any and all nice comments, constructive criticisms, and donations are massively appreciated.

Thx guys, cya

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MXGP Winners - Sumbawa - JPD

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