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MXGP Winners – Villars Sous Ecot- JPD


Hey guys, sorry this ones a day late, had to make the TLD gear from scratch again haha.

The kits this weekend were cool, glad Herlings didnt win coz this pack wouldn’t have come out until like Thursday and the championship would’ve been pretty solidly in Herlings direction, but its still super interesting rn. In MX2, its more interesting but unfortunately for Geerts, it looks like hes out, so its pretty much anyone open to the top 4 active un-injured guys now.

Benistant won at his home race, which was awesome for him, 2nd GP of the year for him. Seewer finally got going and is now officially a winner in 2023 after a horrific start to the season, so hopefully he can get it going and will probably finish 3rd in the championship at this rate.

Hope you guys enjoy this, the Herlings 2010 retro gear will probably be released very soon, I rlly would like to make that, so keep an eye on updates in my Discord for info on that.

If you like what I make, join my Discord, JP Designs, so you can get all the updates on my projects. I am not allowed to post the invite here, but if you’d like on, please feel free to private message me on Discord, my pm’s are open. If you want custom gear you can also just private message me on Discord. Any and all nice comments, constructive criticisms, and donations are massively appreciated.

Thx guys, cya

My Discord: Petch195#7666


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MXGP Winners - Villars Sous Ecot - JPD

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