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My Imagination


The track took me a good while to make, my first proper track that I have released.

Big thanks to TFC for the videos showing me how to do everything, Resolute Kraken for the track building tool, Gio for the track stake, tent, fence, banners and tire track assets, Agitato for the Start banner, holeshot arch, scissor lift, redbull banners, 100% inflatable and track archway pack,  PHANTOMZ for the skid steer and  ROSSHELL for the monster energy finish archway.

– If it comes up with track mismatch or something along the lines of that then delete the previous version of the track in your mods folder then re-download the track

-If you dont like the way the skydome reflects on the bike/rider you can simply go into settings -> graphics and then turn reflection off and you will have no purple reflections on your bike

(cant remember who made the tractor, if you see this send me a message on discord and I will credit you)

(My in game screenshot doesn’t work)

This is a fantasy track btw, all out of ma head:)

My Discord – Rhys647#9170

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My Imagination

Changelog 2

Mod Instructions

Put in your motocross folder in tracks

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Ascid Designs

Looks Good


Fun track, has a lot of potential to be even better. There’s a lack of ruts and textures, and it’s really easy to over jump something and fall into the black abyss


understandable, thanks for the track!!


Fun asf


please make the bomber track from durhamtown!!!