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Nestaan Husqvarna 2023 – JPD


Hey guys, a day late on this one, as always. Wanted this up on Boxing day haha, but, got there in the end.

I’m releasing a PSD for this one, partly coz I’m feeling generous, wanting to make a bike for the festive season for people to enjoy, and partly coz I couldn’t get painted to work for the large file size on the bike.

You’ll obviously need to pack the bike into a PNT yourself, and make your own numbers in the PSD. Please for the love of sanity, line up your numbers properly on the side panels people haha.

I will probably remake this bike on the 2023 Husqy model as well, don’t worry about that.

There are numbers 39, 96, and 74 included as replicas of Roan Van De Moosdijk, Lucas Coenen, and Kay De Wolf, as shown in the thumbnail. There is also a 13 included as requested by a Discord member who motivated me to do this.

Hope you guys enjoy this one, it should match with my previously released 2023 Fox Husqvarna kits, so try that setup.

If you like what I release, consider checking out my Discord channel, JP Designs. If you want me to make some custom stuff for u, private message me on Discord. Any and all donations, good ratings, downloads, and nice comments are massively appreciated and keep me motivated.

JP Designs channel – https://discord.gg/3kDVUJxG5Q

My Discord – Petch195#7666


Nestaan Husqy 2023 - JPD

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