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North Carolina Motorsports Park


Hello everyone, I’m proud to release my first ever track build, a track I used to ride back in 2014. The main track is not an exact replica, I went off the current 2022 layout but made some of the jumps and berms bigger than real life. There was a bunch of open space surrounding the main track and I didn’t want to leave it empty, so I just started building tracks around it. Any constructive criticism is greatly appreciated!

I want to thank my teammate KeLLz for teaching me how to use basically every program needed to make a track (L3DT, Gimp, and Blender), building the NCMP house, and sharing his fences with me.

Thank you to Resolute Kraken, Agitato and TFC for the great tutorial videos.

I want to also thank TFC, Giopanda, RedRider197 and Agitato for the track objects.

Note: The track file is named NCMP 3.pkz, if you remove the 3 the track will not show up in game.

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Made for Beta 17.

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lets go cast great work!


You’ve come a long ways since we got you started man. Happy I could help with this and look forward to some racing! Great Job!!!


hey mate good track just wondering is you’ve ever rode at the wnc ag center and if you could try to recreate the og track but thats up to you, good luck man keep it up!!!!!

sourpatch71 here take look and it is east coast


Amazing track and keep up the amazing work


Great job!
Tracks are getting better everytime.


Looks sick cast gonna be some fun racing!


Some crazy Kickers on this moto park! Great work man keep it up!


Awesome work man! Everything here is very fun to play around on. Really looking forward to your next track!