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O’Neal Mayhem Hexx 23′


Hi everyone, GreenLenux here! It’s been 2 years since I first released my first O’Neal Mayhem Hexx pack.
So I think it’s time to make the new version of their collection… After many hours and days of work, I am very happy and proud to show you my latest mod pack, the 23′ O’Neal Mayhem Hexx pack!

This pack contains the 2023 Mayhem Hexx gear sets with 5 colorways in total: white, black, red, neon and orange.

Each gear set has the same level of quality. I managed to work with normal maps and reflection maps to add a lot of details in order to get the best looking gear sets possible. For example, the jersey is a bit “glossy” to make it more similar to the IRL one.

Also included in the pack, the 4 Mayhem Rider gloves allow you to be fully equipped! Just like on the gear sets, I reworked the normal maps and reflection maps to add a lot of details.

Also, the PSD for the rider kits is available for FREE! So you can put your cute little numbers on the kits, change the colors, etc… It’s yours now! I just ask for you to credit me if you do something with it 😀

Huge shout out to Dorian Marrot who gave me his WIP PSD that I basically remade from scratch anyway haha. But he really made me want to work ont this kit, so thank you <3

I hope you enjoyed this presentation and I hope you’ll enjoy the pack! See you on the track!


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