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Optimist Park MX – Mountain Home, Idaho


This is my replica of Optimist Park MX from Mountain Home, Idaho. I grew up riding here every Thursday night and occasionally racing there under the lights. I tried my hardest to make it feel just like a Saturday night race


Thanks to the following people

Spuds30 for mods and track testing

Razzles126 for the stateline semi and testing

Madcapdunker for testing a bunch

Eyeballs for testing a bunch of updated versions

Dblu752 for teaching me a ton and constantly helping me with the build

Undefined for endless track testing

all my Test riders in the American Online Tournaments discord

Giopanda for the track assets

Resolute Kraken for the Track Builder Helper

and anyone else that has tested and helped me get this place dialed in


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Mod Instructions

download PKZ and insert into the track mods folder

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Really nice track, I have a few suggestions though:

  • Widen the holeshot and transition curve to make the turn after the finish line smoother and easier to stay at a high speed.
  • Redesign the length/height of the rhythm section with the double, table, triple, single to make it more user friendly to 250 riders and 2 stroke riders.
  • Lower the amount of whoops/rollers and make the gap between them larger so you can sink the rear wheel through them.

However, it is a replica and from the looks of it- it feels like a really nice layout and good engineering went into it!


Very fun and flowy track! I agree with Junior, there are some things that could be tweaked, but all in all, very fun to rip around and scrub harder than the dishes!


very cool track


Really cool track. I like the way you have to think your way through some sections instead of having the biked pinned everywhere, Great work IMO


Dude I am from Boise and I remember running this track as a kid every single weekend. You have brought back some serious nostalgia, it looks identical! killed this shit!