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Ottobiano Motorsport – Internazionale BETA


hey guys!
after almost two years of development* here’s the public beta version of the Internazionale track at Ottobiano Motorsporst, home of several MXGP in the past few years.

as for the development stage, everything is close to final, track layout is there and it’s based on 2017 MXGP but it’s basically remained untouched until now, roughness needs a bit of fixing as the deformation mask.

track objects and offtrack areas are almost done, need to fix the custom backgroud (now it’s veeery rough) and add custom skyboxes (maybe).

so that’s it, hope guys enjoy this track and please if you have any comment leave it here so the final release will be the best possible!

*i didn’t work on this for all this time, but for sure it has been several weeks of workhours so far :D

if you want to support me and see more, please consider a small donation by clicking the Paypal link here..

you don’t have to, but i would really appreciate and you will have my eternal gratitude

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cant open it


wheres the supermoto track?


can we get the supermoto part? would be sooooo cool